Writing Samples

Here are a few of the many dozens of articles I have published online:

* Google, SEO and Author Rank: It’s Getting Personal – staff writer for SiteProNews.com

* Savvy Social Marketing Tactics to Improve SEO – staff writer for SiteProNews.com

* Dropshipping: Get Someone Else to do the Work – ghost writer for Flippa.com

* Is 2013 the Year to Sell Your Ecommerce Business? – ghost writer for Flippa.com

* Will Yahoo’s Telecommuting Grudge Become a Trend? – staff writer for SiteProNews.com

* Sonic Weekly article on DJ equipment, and one on the future of Electronica music

* Morimoto restaurant review

* Website and blog for the Global Phoenix Foundation, a nonprofit I run during my free time

* Article about Chocolate for SexyFood

* TV show review for Blog Critics, Survivor

* TV show review for Blog Critics, Amazing Race All-Stars

* Book review for Awakening to the Spirit World

* Personal blog about Enlightenment and healing

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