From Across Town to Two Rooms Away: Becoming a Freelancer


After 17 years of brutal work hours, wack-tackstic LA commutes, gritty office politics and the day to day grind, I have taken the plunge into freelance fun.  I am a part time healer’s apprentice and part time freelance Web Producer and Writer, applying my almost 2 decades of experience into short term and remote client projects.  Sure, it’s an added stress to chase the next project as you’re knocking out the current one, but the flexibility this lifestyle offers is priceless to me at this stage of the game.  With a teenager at home (starting high school this year!) and a husband that travels 1/3 of every month, it’s so ridiculously wonderful to have plenty of time to spend at the homestead, and not in a cubby hole office.

I have had THE most amazing office experiences, however – starting with 8 years of craziness at the Walt Disney Internet Group.  I feel like I grew up at the North Hollywood building, getting a full on crash course in bureaucracy and creativity at one of the most infamous .dot com’s in the biz.  We launched the very first subscription gaming site – and the second overall subscription site – EVER on the web (Disney’s Blast).  The Wall Street Journal beat us by just a few weeks.  I spent many an all-nighter in the QA and Production departments, eventually landing the sweetest gig in the massive building – Premium Products Producer.  I saw us grow to over 4,000, and then slice our force in half during the early 2000’s bubble burst.  The time spent at Disney was truly invaluable, and although I’ve been gone the same length of time I actually spent in those walls, I still remember every moment fondly, and stay in touch with many fellow Mousers.

Since then, I’ve been blessed to land in many smaller offices, preferring to offer my talents to teams not quite large enough to form a country :)  Card Player was a personal fav; the team there made me smile every single day, and I never experienced any personal office drama.  And the last gig at Rivet was my dream job; I really only stopped working with them because the money dried up (the most significant hazard of playing with the up and comers!)

This is absolutely the right time for me to branch out on my own, however, and I am so honored and happy to do so.  Not knowing where the next check will come from is difficult, but it’s a challenge I’m up for.  Is it true what they say?  Once you go Freelance, you never go back?  I could definitely live with that :)

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