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I am an Web + Game Producer and Writer with 17 years of experience in the digital media space.  I have produced a gazillion massively multi-player games, social and casual games, mobile content, online dating sites, online communities, marketing sites and scads more.  I am at heart a digital content guru. I excel at leading cross-discipline teams and inspire + motivate by example.  I’m aces at uber-detailed specs and documentation, and I have extensive experience in retention marketing, product management, project management, analytics, social media and client relations.

I am also a published, award-winning writer, with a gaggle of articles, poems, short stories, snazzy marketing copy and even a couple of novels to my credit.

I work on a freelance basis with a full-scale home office setup.  I am also very mobile, as my husband is a pilot and I fly almost anywhere for free.  I am available for freelance writing and web + video game production needs, remote long-term assignments, and in-house short term assignments.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

Tina Courtney-Brown


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